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Infrared & Moisture Testing
When a roof leak occurs the storm water will enter through a void in the water proofing membrane and will travel horizontally across and through the insulation and metal deck to make entry into the occupied space. Occasionally these distances may reach 100ft. The insulation will absorb storm water and cause loss of R-value, deck corrosion and loss of wind uplift protection. Additionally, prior to roof recovering all wet, damaged insulation should be identified and removed and the roof deck inspected.

CRC utilizes the best technologies to detect moisture infiltration in roofs and walls.


The infrared camera recognizes and displays the heat signature in roof systems. In a dry roof the insulation does not absorb the sun’s energy. Wet insulation will absorb that energy and be identified by the IR camera. The wet areas can be identified, marked and the wet insulation replaced or vented. The infrared camera is also useful to locate the source of storm water intrusion.

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The Tramex machine recognizes moisture in roofs and walls by capacitance induction. A low voltage electrical current is injected into the suspect area. The rate at which the signal returns will be registered. Wet walls and roofs return the signal faster then dry nonconductive mediums.

Nuclear Testing

Tiny amounts of radiation are used to detect hydrogen ions, which in a roof system is consistent with entrapped moisture.

Testing Fees

The costs for the above tests typically range 3¢ to 8¢ per square ft. The cost savings of replacing only wet insulation and leaving dry insulation in place range from $4 to $8 per square ft. The savings can vary from tens to hundreds of thousands of dollars on a project.

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